The essence of a Federated Wiki concept

The concept of federation is of great influence to our everyday practice of creating knowledge.

The wiki's federation is an open space for free speech.

Pages in the federation that are worth watching.

We're interested in making more great things. Making the same thing faster or cheaper is pretty great, but we're more interested in making fabulous things that solve many complex problems simultaneously and delight everyone in the process.

We have concentrated on a small number of idealistic principles, beliefs even, while ignoring considerable established practice. Only by such intense focus can we expect to find fresh solutions to persistent problems.

Education, open-source culture, and structured collaboration in language. PyCon 2016 keynote by Lorena Barba highlights Winograd & Flores using github pull-requests as an example. video slides

We consider what one might expect of a federated wiki server under diverse circumstances. We hope a brief reflection will guide improvements in servers, clients and the protocols between them.

Four distinct concerns surface when designing federated wiki based information communities. We identify each and suggest forces that must be resolved before creative collaboration will take place.

which derives from

We share an interest in the continued growth in federated wiki as an important concept and in the open codebase that demonstrates its advantages.

We've kicked around ideas that still linger waiting for insight or energy to drive them to completion. Here they are within the lists that first tracked them or in shiny new homes where work is more easily prioritized.