Pages that deepen the understanding

The federation holds pages about federated wiki that explain its inner and emergent mechanics in various granularity. Once the essence of a federated wiki concept is understood, we can continue to read here for more approaches.

Identity and citation has to be discoverable -- that's part of the deal, the BY in the CC-BY-SA. But it does not follow that citation should be obvious. In fact, there are many reasons to to background citation.

The web became more collaborative with wiki's introduction of the Internal Link. Link names were drawn from a shared space backed up at the time by shared storage. Federated wiki's internal links preserves the shared space but not the shared storage making it the ideal link for the distributed collaborative web.

We consider documentation one might expect from a project that intends to touch so many people.

Agile programming and Wiki hypertext emerged together out of a single vision of completing each other's work. Twenty years later we see opportunity to direct this collaboration toward more difficult problems. This is not your father's wiki.