Noteworthy Reframings

Ward has found interesting places to work by questioning the basis of successful solutions. When work gets hard it may be because the usual solutions are applied outside their appropriate context.

Wiki reversed the review-then-publish practice to become publish-then-review. Although there is some risk to the reader, the cycle time among collaborators increases dramatically.

Bynase abandons the notion of digit-place and powers of two weighting of bits. This makes synchronization unimportant.

Agile asks that software designers abandon big design up front in favor of a design style that reduces the cost of change.

Federated Wiki assumes that we have enough space on the internet to stop worrying about proliferation. It works for biology.

Reflections as a light-weight substitute for a wide variety of reports, from status reports to scientific papers.

Overt Behavior is to be preferred over hidden processes no matter how easy-to-use the latter might be.

Exploratory Testing discovers what is that we will want to change rather than just enumerating variances from someone's previous expectation.

Easy Programming first explained as a worldview enabling effective pair-programming.

Charrette vs. Encyclopedia as a model for collaboration in a wiki.

Tweet a Solution in the first paragraph of a pattern.

Chorus of Voices overview of federated community design.

Literate Wiki tangled in hypertext (a proposal).

Folk Concepts for robust distributed systems.

See also Industry Reframings observed with interest.