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This attempt to collect and understand the history of wiki, as well as its current facade tries to remember the small nuances we pass by in inventing this hypertext medium.

Authorship in the Federated wiki will be performed differently according to the individual author and the community or neighbourhood they inhabit. Some see considering attribution as central to composing with the work shared between the software that manages edits via the journal and the human author who performs their own attribution practices within the context of versions of pages that they have site of. Different authors may use different models of neighbourhooding.

Federated wiki helps us share information, think and work with that information, and build it up into our own version of a world encyclopedia. As such, it carries deep connections with evolutionary biology and the transmission of biological information. This idea has been introduced in this happening in the Alternate Vision.

From the British Museum website, this beautiful antecedent to Federated Wiki.

Plenty of people are thinking the same thoughts as federated wiki. These are some that have been brought to our attention.

<i>Ward exploited the lax security in this prototype in order to reconfigure Sven's pages in a way that facilitates sharing. Has he disproved his own theories about federated collaboration? No, he has just shown that he is an amateur.

Kate Bowles: What am I doing here? Below are some things that I set out to explore in Smallest Federated Wiki (SFW) which others call Federated Wiki Happening (FWH).

Capitalized Titles can be a pain. But there are good reasons for the convention.

Typographers know too many italic or bold words in one place makes a paragraph hard to read. Colored words are even worse.

Wiki ignores case looking up pages. It finds pages based on a "slug" that consists of lower-case and dashes. The page creation logic goes to some effort to discover what capitalization was intended and stores that with the page.

Wiki ignores case looking up pages. It finds pages based on a "slug" that consists of lower-case and dashes. The page creation logic goes to some effort to discover what capitalization was intended and stores that with the page.

A play on words meaning, of course, that Document Mode is more important than Thread Mode but suggesting also to put Summaries On Top Discussion Below.

What we might have given up in Rethinking ThreadMode and Rethinking DocumentMode we regain in Radical Discourse. The idea is that when dissertation pages are linked up, constellated, we create the larger, multi-voiced discourse.

This federation of wiki pages chooses to not depend on DNS but rather trusts that content of value will flow faster than physical addresses are lost. Here the page name rules.

Hello world You can browse from here to see what individuals are doing to migrate Wards Wiki to a federation of their own making. Just looking at this page will add their work to to your search neighborhood.

The Wiki Game implies an explicit modelling of reality. It is a Governance Sandox where we can test our ideas safely before releasing them into the Real World.

I'm writing this on a Wiki Wiki Web because I hate writing papers and articles. Papers and articles can't be changed, and I keep changing my mind, which is sometimes easier to change than hair-colour. -- Cohan Carlos

I'm drawn to a lot of points in this post - Opinionated Wiki.

Here are the questions that I wouldn't have asked Ward if I was not wasting my life on dumb films. Screencast is faster than writing jing

Federated Wiki combines a few powerful, well-chosen ideas. It's helpful to know what these are. Most of these ideas exist someplace else, the particular power is the combination of the ideas in a single environment.

This page is a first attempt to define Computer-Supported Patterns (COSPs). The proposed structure is based on the following goals:

I've 35 years experience with patterns and their continuing application to the built environment. Here I collect a variety of experiments using the Federated Wiki to write, apply and evolve pattern languages.

Wiki was made to host patterns but it came to host lots of discussion of wiki itself. Here we look for titles including wiki, community, discussion, blog, chat, web and pages. See Recent Changes

Most of the complaints are about things we do to make wiki friendly to visitors, which is not often a feature of online communities. Wiki aims for Hospitable Hypertext, even if the person who receives that hospitality is a future you.

Hypertext aspires to link information, implicitly all information, but does it care where that information leads?

A hypothetical link to a remote server here could interpret Anti Comment code in wiki pages to produce output as a gif or jpeg. The server could be provided by an interested wiki member for experiment the intention is not to modify the existing system. The link could be a simple textbox with submit button with usage

Wiki Community is more like our human world - open to change, which is the spice of life. The changes may be good or evil, depending on one's viewpoint, but only the most suitable will prevail. This is what nature is all about. -- Raj

Moved from Wiki Is For People:

The last version of Sam Gentle's page before he Wiki Mind Wiped it (i.e. commmitted Wiki Suicide) contained this discussion about whether or not someone has the right to do such a thing. I saved it here for further discussion and refactoring. -- Wayne Conrad

We should all really get out the vote as much as possible! There's a great company trying to promote voting through some friendly competition amongst the different ideals... check them out . Every shirt or tank-top gets a vote and then the Vote Apparel company makes a donation to which ever party sells the most t-shirts! Way cool! Wearing your vote and promoting voting -- such a great idea!