Federating Wiki

Ward writes here about his own participation in the open source federated wiki project. Pages range from his personal vision to daily todo lists with some honest assessments in between.


What are we trying to do here? Why do we call it wiki? Does the web really need a new way to communicate?

Personas for likely users of the new wiki.

Patterns important to a robust experience.

Related Sites with similar or supplementary goals.


How is our work going? What have we learned so far? Should you be writing in a federation? How does that happen?

Federated Wiki at One provides our first look back.

Incremental Paragraphs documents our writing style.

How Word Gets Around making many sites feel like one.

Chorus of Voices in a planned community.

Diversity in Service and our rejection of monoculture.

First Write Who & What on your welcome page.

See more Reflections


How done is this software? Who makes it and how? Do we want more ideas? Do we want coding help?

Wants and Needs for our future.

Interesting Places to work on SFW.

Quirks of History that happen evolving software.

Obscure Workarounds for as-yet-unimplemented features.

Release Process as a checklist.

Coding Tips remind me how to get things done.

Live Demos prepared as presentations.