Federated Wiki introduction

There are many ways to approach the Federated Wiki. For easier findability, we have collected some here.

People new to this are kindly invited to use start.fed.wiki .

Quick & Visual

A quick introduction for newcomers and visual learners can be provided by these visualisations and videos.

A Forward Look at Federated Wiki image source

* Cheat Sheet a collection of annotated screenshots and explanations for the most basic concepts

* An introduction to federated wiki a collection of texts and videos of varying length that introduce wiki concepts

Official Starting Points

Further reading

Notable examples

Click the coloured flags to open the Welcome Visitors page of the wikis to the right. Click the small arrows to add the sites to the current neighbourhood.

Wiki Documentation glossary.asia.wiki.org admin.asia.wiki.org plugins.fed.wiki.org fed.wiki.org help.fed.wiki.org Introduction hello.ward.bay.wiki.org about.fed.wiki ward.asia.wiki.org Pods pods.wiki.org Goals goals.pods.wiki.org Search search.fed.wiki.org Hosting local-farm.wiki.dbbs.co