About Reference Plugin

References are paragraphs that are used as bibliographic references to pages elsewhere in the federation. References can bypass the usual link resolution process to go straight to a remote site.

You can add references to other Federated Wiki sites. Here we show what a reference looks like.

How They Works

A reference consists of three parts.

  • Remote flag (favicon), retrieved when viewed.
  • Page name as it would appear in a url.
  • First paragraph of cited page, retrieved once.
  • Click the flag to see the remote page.

    The remote pages show up side by side with pages from the origin wiki site. You can click on a remote pages flag (the larger icon) to go to the remote site and make it the origin.

    How to Make Them

    Drag the browser url of another Federated Wiki site to the factory to create a bibliographic reference of that page. This takes some dexterity and may not work in all browsers and operating systems.

    Wiki mechanisms like Search or Recent Changes make pages full of references. You can drag these references to your own reference collections.